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Tissue Grafting

Tissue grafting is a surgical procedure where a periodontist uses tissue from either inside the mouth or from a donor, to repair the gums. Periodontal disease is known to cause the gums to recede. The recession of the gums away from the tooth leaves the tooth, including the root, susceptible to decay and infection. Additionally, aging, trauma, over brushing, brushing too aggressively and poor tooth positioning can all also lead to gum recession. It is important to remedy receding gums before they eventually lead to root exposure.

If the roots of the teeth are exposed eating and drinking can be very painful. Exposure of the tooth root also makes decay more prevalent and mouth’s aesthetics will also suffer. The goal of tissue grafting is to either thicken the existing gum or cover the root of the exposed tooth in an effort to prevent further tissue loss and future complications.

Types of Tissue Graft

There are three main types of tissue grafts. They are:

•  Soft tissue graft – Soft tissue grafting is used to treat and prevent gum recession.
•  Free gingival graft – During free gingival grafting a strip of tissue is removed from the top of the patient’s mouth and then attached to the grafting site. Free gingival grafting is most often used to thicken existing gum tissue.
•  Pedicle graft – Pedicle grafting involves "sharing" soft tissue between an adjacent gum and the affected site. During this grafting procedure a flap of tissue is cut from a neighboring area and moved sideways to cover the exposed root. This type of tissue grafting has the most optimal results as the flap of tissue that is moved over still contains blood vessels.

The technique your periodontist will use to graft affected areas will depend on the size of the area to be grafted, as well as your oral health history.

What Are the Benefits of Tissue Grafting?

Tissue grafting is a highly effective and versatile surgical procedure of the gums that can have one of many uses. Thanks to developments in dental technology tissue grafting is now less intrusive and more predictable than ever. Some of the main benefits of tissue grafting are:

•  Aesthetics – Gum recession can be a bit unsightly. Age, genetics and gum disease can all result in an unappealing "toothy" smile. Tissue grafting can be used as a cosmetic procedure to restore the aesthetics of the smile.
•  Comfort – When gums recede the roots can become exposed. This exposure can lead to much pain and discomfort when eating or drinking hot or cold items.
•  Health – Periodontal disease is a progressive condition that if left untreated or unmanaged will destroy the tissue of the gums very rapidly. Tissue grafting can not only prevent the progression of the disease, but it can also reverse the effects; thus, preventing future complications.

If you are exhibiting any signs of periodontal gum disease, it is critical that you contact your periodontist at your earliest convenience to prevent the disease from causing irreversible damage.
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