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Regenerative Materials (Emdogain)

Periodontitis is a serious condition. What starts out as a nearly undetectable infection in your gums (gingivitis) will progress. Bacteria and infection will progress under the gum line, to attack your teeth and your jawbone. One of the effects of periodontitis is gum recession, which exposes the roots of your teeth and leads to sensitivity and an increased risk of tooth decay. Your jawbone will also begin to weaken, which can cause loose teeth that may even fall out. Before, some of the most common procedures used to deal with lost gum tissue or bone mass were grafts, which are invasive. At Midwest Periodontics, however, we offer an alternative to regenerate lost tissue and bone: Emdogain.

Traditional Grafts

Both tissue and bone grafts require donor sites, if the tissue or bone is to be taken from your body. For instance, with gum grafts, the tissue may come from the roof of your mouth or from surrounding healthy tissues. This means that you will have a second wound to worry about healing. The donor material is then stitched into place where needed.

What is Emdogain?

Emdogain is a biological product, which has been developed in order to promote the regrowth of both soft and hard tissues lost due to periodontal disease. It is a gel that contains proteins which are applied directly to the tooth root where the degeneration has taken place. It can be used right along with a periodontal treatment.


Emdogain has a number of advantages:

•  No donor site. This means that you only need to worry about the surgical site healing. You don’
•  t have to worry about the site where the tissue or bone was removed from as well. You will also experience less pain and discomfort, and can potentially heal faster.
•  Less invasive.
•  No worries about rejection if you used donor materials of another person.
•  Easy and convenient. The gel is in syringes that can be applied after periodontal treatment.
•  Safe and effective.
•  Helps you to restore your smile and preserve your teeth.

How it Works

If Emdogain has been deemed an appropriate treatment option for you, you must first undergo a periodontal treatment. You must be free of periodontal disease in order for it to be most effective. An incision is made on your gums and surface of the tooth and its root are cleaned and smoothed of all plaque, tartar and bacteria. Emdogain is then applied directly onto the root of your tooth and the site stitched closed. Proteins go to work, helping your body to naturally regenerate lost bone or tissue, and within as little as three months, results are visible.

After your treatment, care should still be taken. For your best chances of success, you must follow the aftercare instructions. You need to exercise caution while eating and brushing. You must also return for follow up visits so that we can monitor the progress of your healing.

If periodontal disease has plagued you, but you have received treatment, and you are in overall good health, Emdogain can help you regain lost bone or tissue. Call us today at (816) 207-4005 for more information.
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