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Platelet Rich Plasma / Fibrin

Your body is able to heal itself when it experiences a wound. Within your blood lies many platelets, which are responsible for this healing. Platelets help aid in the formation of clots to stop bleeding as well as contain growth hormones that help to regenerate new tissue. Concentrating these platelets, into a material known as platelet rich plasma (PrP) is a method that has been used in hospitals for many years in order to help quickly heal surgical wounds. Now, we can use it in our dental office to help you heal from oral surgery.

What is platelet rich plasma?

In order to create platelet rich plasma, only a small amount of your own blood is required. The blood collected is then spun in a centrifuge, concentrating the plasma. Next, the plasma is spun to concentrate the platelets, giving anywhere from three to five times the number of platelets in a very small sample.

Blood is taken right from the dentist’s chair and spun on site. After your procedure, the wound is sutured closed and then the platelet rich plasma is applied to the site.


There are multiple benefits to using platelet rich plasma after a dental procedure:

•  It is safe. It is your blood that is being used, so there is no worry about blood type, disease transmission or rejection.
•  It is convenient. The blood is drawn during your procedure.
•  It is affordable. Only a small amount of your blood is needed, and it does not need to be sent off to a lab to prepare.
•  Your risk of infection is lower. The platelet rich plasma acts as a bandage, sealing the wound. It also reduces your risk of suffering from dry socket (when the clot has dislodged), or failure of implants or graft.
•  You can heal faster. Because of the higher concentration of growth hormones, you can regenerate new tissue at a faster pace, reducing your down time.

Types of Procedures

Platelet rich plasma has many applications in in the dental field, and can be used to heal both soft tissue as well as hard tissue wounds:

•  Bone grafts. Inlay and onlay, sinus lift surgery (which is frequently used for dental implant surgery when the implants are being placed in the upper jaw), as well as cleft lip and palate issues.
•  Facial reconstructive surgery following facial trauma.
•  Other types of bone repair.
•  Periodontal treatments, such as the removal of fistulas, which often result from infections in the teeth.

What about platelet rich fibrin?

Platelet rich fibrin (PrF) is considered to be the next generation of platelet rich plasma. After the first spin on the centrifuge, the middle layer of what results from the spinning is what is taken. This layer contains some platelets, although not as much as the plasma taken to get platelet rich plasma. It does, however, contain more clotting factors. A fibrin network is formed, which traps cytokines, which are proteins that signal other cells to move to the surgical site. In turn, this allows for effects similar to those of platelet rich plasma.

Here at Midwest Periodontics, we offer both platelet rich plasma and platelet rich fibrin as a way to help you heal quickly, and with lowered risks, from dental procedures. Call us today at (816) 207-4005 to find out if these treatments are right for you.
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